Identifying Your Audience

It doesn’t matter if you are writing text for a new website, posting a Facebook or Twitter update or publishing a blog, it is essential that you know who your audience is and that you create a message just for them.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to identify your audience is by creating personas.  You can create as many as you like but in most cases three to five is ideal.  

What is a persona?

How Having a Website That Your Cell Phone Loves Can Save Your Business

Responsive Theming is the difference in getting a call or losing a call. It's that plain and simple.  If calling is not the call to action a company wants, responsive theming can be the difference of driving to a location or driving to a competitor's. Responsive is term used for modifying content to make a mobile and tablet-friendly format for websites.

Managing Your Online Persona

You set up a new Twitter account and you are gung-ho ready to start participating in online conversations, spreading your own valuable content and having exchanges with thought leaders and friends online.  It seems so easy, doesn’t it? It is.  But it is easy to mess up too.  Unless you are a professional politician with advisors trailing you and offering advice on what to say, what color to wear, where to look when entering a room and how to greet a new acquaintance you will need to manage your own persona.