How Having a Website That Your Cell Phone Loves Can Save Your Business

Responsive Theming is the difference in getting a call or losing a call. It's that plain and simple.  If calling is not the call to action a company wants, responsive theming can be the difference of driving to a location or driving to a competitor's. Responsive is term used for modifying content to make a mobile and tablet-friendly format for websites.

How do I know?  I live it.  I'm on my phone for everything and ask Siri for way too much.  Yes, Hannah Montana is blaring in the back speakers and children are nestled in carseats.  But I'm guilty of talking to Siri while this instance, in my defense, it is to find the solution to my problem.  One particular day I had left the dentist learning my oldest had a "severe overbite." Say the word severe to a mom, and watch out! I asked for a referral, and as I got into the car with the girls talked to Siri.  I needed to drive RIGHT THERE AT THAT MOMENT and get this "severe" fixed.  

"Orthodontist near me," I speak as the thinking wheel turns.  POOF! A map, a list and names plus the ability to click and get this directionally-challenged multi-tasker on the "path to fixing severe."  And there's the power of local search and responsive theming. Solved!  I can view it on my phone, click to what I need and the proper search engines have talked to Siri.  Even better....I know where I'm going and can look at options.  I begin to call, and before we've arrived home from the dentist, I have booked an appointment.  Do  you know who didn't get a call? The orthodontists who don't have responsive websites and no local search services.

When  talking to a client or looking at websites I shop from I grab my phone- it's a habit.  I've told this story, and I'm a huge advocate of responsive theming and know local search works.  You will see a return on investment.  Period.  If you would like more information or have a question, call me. I'm happy to help.  405.773.1144