Identifying Your Audience

It doesn’t matter if you are writing text for a new website, posting a Facebook or Twitter update or publishing a blog, it is essential that you know who your audience is and that you create a message just for them.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to identify your audience is by creating personas.  You can create as many as you like but in most cases three to five is ideal.  

What is a persona?

This is really simple.  What you want is to create a “character.”  This character is a description of your typical customer or maybe even the customer you don’t yet have but you are trying to reach.  Is this person male or female?  Do they live in the country or the city?  Do they rent or own their dwelling?  Is it a business you are trying to reach?  Are they a small, local business or a franchise?  What sort of concerns do the employees of that business have? What sort of issues happen within any business?

Why does this work?

Blogging and social media marketing takes time, and if you have chosen to do it yourself then you understand that choosing a topic alone can be a challenge.  So let’s say you chose a topic you know really well and your blog is interesting to you and your colleagues and filled with all sorts of technical words that everyone in your industry will understand.  Cathy Charisma (pictured below - that’s my photo, btw) reads your blog and doesn’t have a clue what your industry lingo means or how it will apply to her. Instead of building a relationship with Cathy, you have turned her off.   Writing a Facebook message directly aimed to Cathy Charisma instead of to the 967 “Likes” who follow your page, is much more likely to accomplish something.  Don’t just throw your message out there and pray it hits the right people.  Write your content to attract your target.


Cathy Charisma Persona

In the end, this will make your job easier.

It is so much easier to come up with something to say when you have a specific person to talk to.  This method will work for your email campaigns, social media posts, direct mail, virtually any communications you may have with a client or potential client.  Create some personas today for your own business.  Add photos.  Make them as elaborate as you wish and then write a blog for Cathy Charisma or whoever your persona ends up being.  Not sure how to write a blog?  I’ve got you covered. 

I want to see you succeed in your social media efforts but if you don’t have the time or manpower to take care of it in house, blogging and social media marketing are included as some of the services that The Worx Company offers. We would be happy to discuss it with you if you have any questions.  Just give us a call.  405-773-1144.