Facebook Changes its Page Design

Facebook is rolling out changes for business pages starting today. The view for visitors to your page is much cleaner and easier to navigate.  In the last change, Facebook created two columns for content.  Now, they have reverted back to a single column for content on the right side, and the left, smaller column is now information dedicated to the business itself; maps, contact information and hours of operation. Business Insights no longer dominate the top fold of the page and are minimized along the top and right side of the page. 


Websites For Human Resource Companies

Clark Ingram has been in the human resource game for decades and has been around the country teaching his methodology for human capital.  Through his company People Profits he has established a formula for success. The Worx Company helped him create the ultimate website to showcase that ability.  On his website there is a dynamic questionnaire that will create a web chart to show a companies strong and weak points in properly using human capital.