Drupal Surpasses 1 Million Websites

Coming back to The Worx Company and reminding myself of why we do what we do, I was encouraged to come across this latest article Drupal Surpasses 1 Million Websites, mainly because we are a Drupal-centric shop. The Worx Company has been using Drupal back in 2005, and I remember wondering then what the big deal was, and fast forward to today, they are still going strong.

According to the article, “Drupal is now one of the most popular content management systems in the world,” said Holly Ross, Executive Director of the Drupal Association. “It’s well known that Drupal powers some of the web’s largest sites, but every day we hear stories from all over the world about how Drupal is changing individual lives for the better. The vast, global mix of contributors and users makes Drupal unique.”

I love the three points the article brought up about world of Drupal: It's a thriving community, has endless extensibility, and enormous scalability. Not only do they have a great community within the world of Drupal, but they are also improving the lives of individuals around the world.