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Thu, 06/20/2019 - 9:03am
drupal 9 logo migrate from drupal 7 to drupal 8 now

Drupal 9 is here and it's called "Drupal 8". Here are 7 reasons you'll want to upgrade your Drupal 7 website NOW.

We are embarking on a new direction in Virtual Machines. We have been running VMware for the last 4 years. It has not been the happiest of relationships. I like access to the Command Line, and they keep attempting to take that away. So, off to play with Xen for a while.

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Gatherings Plus has just launched their new website!  This site is dedicated to the reunions planned by them.  Each Reunion has it's own landing page with specific information including links to the itinerary, registration forms and the attendee list.  It also has a contact information area for the reunion leader to have their phone number and contact form.  Below that is has a photo gallery that will have pictures added after the reunion.  They have also elected to have our social networking package that forwards the blog posts to Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.  They also have to ability to let the website guests share Events, Testimonials, reunions & the blog on their own Social networking pages.  Please check out the site!  www.reunionpro.com

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I have to admit that I have not blogged about our first client in the Branson Area.  The Stone Castle Hotel started working with us in fall of 2010.  Their website has many of our dynamic features, but they also chose to do a custom theme.  The site was designed to have the look and feel of a castle.  We also found a way to have their current room booking engine integrated to the website.  Here is a few weeks they will also be adding a Private Labeled Interface to the Branson Commerce Gateway!  They will be the first website to have this new tool!  I will post another blog with information on that when it goes live!  For now just check out the website at www.bransonstonecastle.com 

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Last week we helped one of our newest clients open the Branson location for CherryBerry!  They asked us to build a website that kept the corporate branding, but gave them individual presence.  We did just that!  The site looks great and if you are looking for frozen yogurt in Branson you will find them on the front page of Google!  Check the new site out and if you are in the Branson area be sure to stop by.  The yogurt is great!  Click Here to visit CherryBerry Branson's Website!

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