The Worx Company Culture, From My Point of View

Listening is imperative. I learned at a young age when to listen, when to ask questions, and when to speak. Being thrust into various socioeconomic, cultural, business and personal settings was a way of life since about the age of four.

From selling Girl Scout Cookies to volunteering, recruiting people who aren't looking for career changes, Disney World's business management summer programs, and staying true to my core values have contributed vastly to a sales career. When people approach our team for help, they get an army and way more than a "throw up a website and be done" approach.

Our clients get all of us, and personally, I'm a natural born connector and a giver. It is gratifying to see someone with a dream and to watch us fulfill or have a small mark on them reaching goals. With over 15 years in sales and account management- and knowing the risks of owning a business- I can empathize and provide appropriate solutions to our clients. Having a Journalism degree helped fuel my passion to follow social media trends, and I begin dabbling in it with my own business endeavors.

Selling has a stigma; I tell people I want them to make informed decisions. Even if clients elect to not buy from our team, they still call for help in other facets of their lives. That is immeasurable, and I'm proud to be among a culture that is not concerned about fattening pockets.

Some people think it's annoying when a child asks "Why?"- I grew up asking myself why and researching things. To this day when something appears odd I either do the research, or I know I have a teammate that has an answer. We are proud of the fact our clients are referring us and gaining the results we all strive for. It is exciting to be able to drive results and see satisfied customers referring their friends and family. And that is why I love what I do and why I am a part of the Worx Co. team.