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Utilizing views as a theme layer to a custom query

We had a client requirement that a single view be the combination of:

  1. a random list of attorneys with offices in a given state
  2. a random list of attorneys that are licensed in a given state.

There should be no duplications and all of list 1 must precede list 2. We could not accomplish this with views alone. After talking to Earl, we were able to access the created SQL statement within views. Here we built each of the two queries. Then, we defined a 'pre' exit and replaced the query in our view with a new one.

Syncronizing your Mac Address Book with Communigate

So, I got to wondering if I could 'sync' my address book out of my Communigate system with my MacBook Pro.  A little digging and I found that the Address Book application has an import feature. It is able to handle csv, ldif, and vcard.

I brought up my Communigate web interface and took a look at Pronto. I couldn't find any way to export the data from the address book. So, after some thought, I decided to check the storage structures for Communigate. In the /var/Communigate/Accounts directory, I check inside my account area. There was a Contacts.mbox file.

Hosting a Website

In its simplest form, hosting a website just means two things. 1) Providing a server to house the files that make your website work, and 2) providing internet bandwidth that allows your website to be seen by the rest of the world. The majority of the 100,000[1] new sites that went up today, were done in a “shared” environment where there may be hundreds of other websites on the same server as yours.


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