Facebook Introduces Verified Badges for Local Business Pages

Facebook has started rolling out "verified pages." The badges that the verified pages carry will show visitors to your page that your page is legit and monitored by the business. Facebook also says that verified pages will rank higher in search results than unverified pages.

I recommend you update your Facebook page with this new feature. This feature is rolling out which means it may not be available to everyone at once. If you do not see this availability today, check back.

To add this feature: (my screen may look a little different from yours)

Go to Settings

facebook settings button

3rd option down on the main list is “Page Verification."  Click Edit on the Page Verification Line

Page Verification | Facebook

Click "Verify This Page"

Verify Page | Facebook

Now a box is going to pop up for you to enter your business phone number in. You need to be there and ready for it to call as soon as you hit "Call Me Now." If you have caller ID it will be a San Francisco phone number.  

Enter Phone Number

If you do not want to go the phone route, you can choose the link at the bottom left of the box to submit utility paperwork. FYI - this process will take longer.

As soon as you hit "Call me Now" expect the phone to ring. It will be an automated message that will give you a code number to enter on your screen.

That's It!  You now have a verified business page!

Facebook is doing some really cool things to support local business pages right now. Check out this post I made last month on my Facebook page where Facebook requested a review for a business (and nobody paid for them to do it).  They are hinting at some other cool features rolling out this year to make the small business owner happy so keep an eye here and on our Facebook page for those announcements.

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