Spread Your Social Media Message With Your Email Signature

About once a month I get an email from a CEO or business owner asking “how can I get more of my clients to follow me on social media?”  My eye scrolls to the end of their email and I see their name, company name, title, phone number but no social media icons.  You have invested time and money into creating these wonderful social media sites with engaging, relevant and useful content for your community, but then you don’t add them to your email signature so that those who interact with you can follow your sites?  

Whether you have a general email address (info@mycompanyname.com) sending out email or one sent out by member of your company, highlight your social media accounts and get those people following you!

I use WiseStamp and have for years.  It works great with my preferred browsers and they have free and paid versions.  I go for the free version which keeps the little “get a signature like this” link below my information because I want all my clients to have a signature like mine and that is the easiest way I know to spread the word. You can opt for a paid version that removes that link and gives you even more template options as well.

This is what my signature looks like using WiseStamp:

Screenshot of my email signature






You can also go into your signature settings in Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook (or whatever email client you prefer) and add a signature there.  In those cases, you will need to download the social media icons and then add links to the images on your pages.  If you are not very computer savvy, this might not be the best route for you.  In those cases I would stick with a template like one WiseStamp or another company may provide for you.