The Art of Being Found Online

One of the most common questions I get is "what does it really take to build a decent website?"  That question is usually followed up by "If I have a website, how do I get found?"

These two questions seem like they could easily be answered.  There are lots of avenues to build/create a website.  Similarly, search engines can get you found, but that is only half of the story.

A competent website is one that delivers both an attractive visual design and also succeeds in delivering the business or organization's core message - awareness of the target ideas or products.  In the world of websites, the familiar maxim of "you get what you pay for" still holds true  - Generally there are either hidden costs to maintain, host or manage your website and/or you have limited control to update or add content.  Beyond that - inexpensive websites often do not provide the security necessary to protect you from persistent hackers that will try to commandeer your site for their purposes.

I believe that the best option is a website that is based on an open CMS (Content Management System) that provides you with the ability to update and add content to your site with no interaction from the website's developer staff. Drupal fits this specification and also has frequent security updates to stay ahead of hackers and others that would compromise your website.  Any potential design or customization is possible with Drupal.  You will never outgrow the product.

The second question - how to be found - requires a multi-pronged effort of frequent updates to the website (blogs and content) along with a concerted effort of posting and linking with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  Each of these interactions adds to the scoring algorithm used by the search engine and increases your "rank".  The higher the rank, the higher your website is listed in search results.
All of this sounds easy, but it takes time and a lot of dedication and most often, properly executed social media is handled either by a full time employee or outsourced to a social media company.

The good folks at The Worx Company are purveyors of the Drupal CMS, can host your website and are the local experts in social media marketing, blogging and local search.  We'd love the opportunity to visit with you and find out what your needs are!  Please feel free to call us to discuss the goals for your business and see how we can help.