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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital to the visibility of your website. Without an SEO professional maintaining your website, you risk not being found on Google or the other search engines. If your customers can't find you online they can't call you.  

The Worx Company has an in-house team of SEO professionals dedicated to driving your website to the top of the search engines for important keywords and phrases to your business. We do not automate or outsource your website like some other companies. Your business will have a person or team at The Worx looking at each page of your website to make sure it is optimized to reach the customers who need the services and products you offer. We also believe that SEO should be ethical and we do not practice any of the "tricks" that could land your website a Google penalty. At The Worx, our SEO professionals use only the best and most beneficial practices.

Measurable results are important to your Search Engine Optimization Services. Customized reporting that shows progress will give you the confidence to know that your investment is paying off. 

If you are one of our SEO clients, you can relax and know that we are monitoring and making changes to your site on a regular basis to ensure that your website is playing by all of the SEO rules and seeing positive search engine results.  We have moved many of our clients to #1 for keywords that are important to their businesses and we would like to help you get there as well.

When you need to improve your rankings in the search engines, The Worx Company can help.

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