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The State Chamber of Oklahoma

The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s primary mission is to make Oklahoma “The State of Choice for Business.” Laura Wheeler, the Website Manager, helps with that vision by managing 12 websites for the Chamber.

“The State Chamber’s business advocacy will be the most valued membership investment for Oklahoma business. We are a private, nonprofit, business membership organization designed to advocate business needs at the state and federal levels. Our staff consists of 22 professionals, including 10 registered lobbyists according to Laura.”

While The State Chamber’s primary mission is to represent business interests at the Capitol, they also provide services and programs designed to address the specific needs of small business, manufacturing, community development and education. “This is where the 12 websites are used to deliver information unique to the needs of chambers, manufacturers, education and small business. By customizing information to fit the needs of each group, we make a greater impact on the whole state.”

“One of the best features on our site is the Legislative Action Center. This is where we will be providing our member's information about legislation that may prompt some communication with their State or Federal representatives.”

The State Chamber’s membership is more than 2,000 individual business locations, in 25 states. More than 50 percent of our members have less than 35 employees.

The State Chamber’s policy is developed and set by a volunteer membership corps comprised of more than 650 professionals involved in more than 30 separate committees, task forces and councils. Their recommendations are then taken to the Board of Directors for policy approval. The Drupal open source content management system has helped streamline this complex process of information exchange.

Laura says, “ We used to have a closed source driven website which eventually failed. We were not able to update any content and the Chamber was stressed out. That’s when we were introduced to the Worx Company who taught us about the benefits of an open source content management system.”

With Drupal, it is so easy to make updates to our sites. I am able to plan and adapt to things on a daily basis, which is really important in the business we are in. The Worx Company has built us a website that really meets our objectives".

"I was trained on a classic web development tool. This tool allows you to create and publish the pages you want which I like using for my newsletters to our members. The Worx Company was able to incorporate my HTML designs and present them to our members on the Drupal site. With Drupal, there is no publishing process like you do with static HTML. You simply log in and provide updates, save the changes and it’s live. It’s so easy! I am doing three times more work in less time and less stress than BD. That is short for Before Drupal.”

“Our organization is 83 years old and serves as both The State Chamber and the State Manufacturers’ Association for all Oklahoma businesses. In 1990, The State Chamber became the nation’s first accredited state chamber. In 1995, 2000, and 2005 we became re-accredited. We are proud of the designation and continue to use the re-accreditation process as a tool for future growth and development.”


State Chamber of Oklahoma

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