The Worx Company - Sponsor at Drupalcon

The Worx Company is a Silver Sponsor at Drupalcon DC!  We are excited to be sponsoring what looks to be a fantastic Drupalcon.  Of course, with the sponsorship, our attendance at Drupalcon has been confirmed - I will be attending, along with Kris, Kurt (President of our company), and maybe Sue (CEO).

Now we'll start thinking about sessions...  Kris especially wants to propose a couple of sessions.  We are also thinking about maybe having a forum-type session (or maybe BoF) to discuss the business side of things, for folks like me who deal with "organizing" stuff.  Every company needs someone to organize the projects, direct traffic, and keep the programmers in line! :)  To have all of us together to throw ideas around so we can learn from each other would be tremendously valuable.

See you at Drupalcon, DC!