What the World Cup Can Teach Us About Social Media

In social media, the World Cup is becoming the biggest social media event ever. We can learn a few things from World Cup Fever that will guide you in examples of ways to create visual content and user engagement:

1. Always use appropriate humor. You can never go wrong with it. After all, it is the best medicine.

Engaging people with humor always seems to be a win-win. The user can either "like" your post or engage in it by building off your initial post by posting a counter or similar image. Take ESPN's humorous image for example.


World Cup Humor


Not only did it get over 12,000 shares, but individuals responded with their own jab at the recent chatter regarding Uruguay's Luis Suarez. Even Evander Holyfield retweeted the instance followed by his own tweet. Afterward, the LA Times collected a bunch of tweets in Twitter reacts to Luis Suarez biting World Cup opponents. Familiar brands also wanted to capitalize on Suarez's bite.

Twitter Image

Tweet Image

2. Infographics, collages & tweets oh my! Create a visual map for engagement.

FIFA has not only done a great job with keeping fans in the loop, but done so in such a way that fans want to retweet or share the images they have created. This kind of contact can be equivalent to your expertise for your business created into some sort of chart, visual or collage that others will want to share or retweet.

FIFA Tweet


3. And now reporting to you LIVE. 

LA Galaxy has continued to post their watch parties, and it's always fun to watch what is happening outside of your own town. How does this carry over to you? You can report any live events going on. Everything from a day in the office to fundraisers and volunteer work. They could be candid or posed. Other examples include capturing field work, a group staff picture, a behind-the-scenes look, or anything else happening in the office or field.

LA Galaxy

4. Create your own visual from scratch.

Pick a background, place a few badges and text with an interesting image and what do you have? ESPN created a template on the stars who are helping them advance. This template can be used over and over again. Also note their logo at the bottom of the ad.

World Cup


5. And then there's the selfie.

The President is taking selfies, seemingly every celebrity is taking selfies. Why not you? USA fans like Sir Patrick Stewart took a selfie. Portugal's Ronaldo tweeted a selfie. VISA had a promotion going on that will send one selfie to the finals. In it, they included a hashtag with the promotion and the title: Selfie yourself to Brazil.