Social Media Sizes Cheat Sheet as of May 2014

I am not about reinventing the wheel and found that the best resource regarding the social media sizes to be from InfinPixels

InfinPixels has made it easy to see not only the required sizes for upload, but also provides a beautiful visual of how the pieces fit for each website starting with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest. Their infographic is beautifully and simply designed. 

Now I've come across a lot of dated and confusing sites when it's come to finding out the right template for these social media sites. The articles would either be all text or focus on only one background template. The comments sections would also have feedback from other having trouble with their images cut off (especially with Google+'s template).

This past week, I've had to update a few clients and their social media pages. Sure, it's easy to Google every time for the specific dimensions, but it's also a hassle. I actually originally found the Media Bistro post on social media sizes only to find that it was dated as well, but it did point me to the latest May 2014 "Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet" Infographic!

Once I have the sizes set, I simply save the current template onto my desktop so I don't have to refer back to the internet for the sizes until one of the social media giants decides to change their look yet again!