Rise of the Mobile Device

A frequent question when discussing modern website design is how to best address the rise of mobile devices accessing websites on the Internet.  Experts now are indicating that mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) will eclipse desktops and be the predominant way that most consumers will get information from the Internet.  
Elegantly handling these devices poses a design challenge for the web developer. 

Most websites are not "responsive" - that is they are not aware of the display size and scaling on the viewing device.  That means that your website requires the user to zoom in and out and scroll all over to see your entire webpage.

The solution is to design your website from the ground up with technologies that allow it to be dynamically formatted to the optimal size for the viewer.  For example, on a desktop PC, the website may have 4 columns of information and that can be formatted to be a readable 2 columns on the mobile device.  Also , buttons and menus can take advantage of the smartphone's interface and make selecting things and inputting information much easier. 

The good news is that creation of a responsive website only needs to happen once- all the content you choose to add (text, pictures, etc.) will then be automatically formatted to fit any viewing device. 

The Worx Company has built many responsive design websites - Please call us to discuss your website plans!  I am happy to assist you any way I can.