Meetings, Conferences, and more...

Kris has been busier last week than any other week I can remember in the recent past.  The Worx Company has been involved in the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce this past year, working with them to get several websites up in Drupal.  There are several branches of the Chamber, I've learned, and we are working on two branches and the main Chamber of Commerce website.  Ultimately, the goal is to get their web manager fully trained in Drupal, so they will be self sufficient, and will be able to manage all of their websites. (It is so awesome when they come in for training, and at the end of it, exclaim, "Wow, that was so easy, I don't even have to take notes!"  But that's a different story for another time...)

As we get more involved in the State Chamber and the vocational schools around the city, we have been given several opportunities to speak in meetings and conferences.   Last Thursday, Kris attended the State Chamber of Oklahoma's Technology Issues Summit and AIGA Oklahoma, all in one night.

The Technology Issues Summit is a meeting where the technology companies in Oklahoma get together, discuss the issues in the industry, and take action by communicating with the legislators.  Oklahoma Technology Council is really the advocate for the folks in the technology industry - it is helping the small companies grow and flourish by holding summits and working with the legislators.  

AIGA Oklahoma  (whose website is in Drupal, I just found out!) is a network of graphic artists here in the city.  They get together and exchange ideas and share what's going on in the industry, and in their own companies.

I will let Kris blog about his talks and the highlights, but I'm so excited about our company getting out there in Oklahoma web design and development community and sharing Drupal!  Kris is becoming more and more active among some of the biggest Technology groups here in Oklahoma City.  I just read a proposed session called "Drupalcamp, How to and Q & A" on the Drupalcon DC website - I will be attending it for sure, because I think we will be planning a Drupalcamp here in Oklahoma soon!