Imagefield Gallery API Updates and Availability

Well, it's about time!  I finally got a new version of Imagefield_gallery available for the masses today.  I'm not the best with CVS yet (though I'm getting better) so it took a bit of work and some well placed tutoring from Addison Berry and others in the community.  However, all the great functionality I've been working on made it in and I'm excited to get some feedback on it.

I have a few incredibly minor interface bugs that I'll hopefully squash in the next alpha of the product.  What follows is a list of new features and functionality:

  • Finally killed the multiple imagefields on a single node type bug.
  • Node Reference fields can now be used to create galleries.  This is really great if you want to keep extra information about your images, you can create an image per node, and use IFG to create galleries still via a node reference.
  • NEW API.  The API was overhauled in this version to be more consistent with Drupal and other 3rd party contrib modules.  This also sets us up to start pulling our gallery types into other people's module distributions.  This is a big priority for me.
  • New Gallery Type.  The Scrollbox gallery is a gallery type I've been working on for a while.  It's still incomplete, but there's a lot there to show off where I'm going.  I thought I was done, but then Nate Haug had to go and ruin it be suggesting all sorts of really wicked improvements... so here I find myself continuing development on it to make it even better.

My future development goals include interfacing with asset and emfield modules.  Emfield has a really killer way of interfacing with flickr and this would allow galleries to be built based on existing flickr galleries which would just be awesome.  I've wanted to do this since before Drupalcon, and simply haven't had the time to look to see if it's even possible.  Hopefully that will all happen in the next couple of weeks here.  Also I've got a new gallery type in the pipeline as well.  I know exactly what I want to build, I just haven't had the chance to do it yet.  Hopefully we'll see that shortly as well.  Other then that there are a few theme niceties I'm trying to add and a few API features as well, and we'll be in beta folks.

Once in beta we'll check a few versions to make sure all the obvious bugs are squashed and then I'll release a full 2.0 version of the product and I'll finally get started on my plans for Drupal 6.  Money always make the process go faster, so if you're interested in sponsoring the features I've discussed here, I'll be happy to add your sponsorship to the project page, and get some real work going on the project during the day time.  I'm very excited about where this is going, and I'm glad to be producing something that's getting a real following in the community.  Thanks for following along and I'll have more information at the next release.