Drupal as a Development Platform

Drupal has won the Packt Publishing 2008 Open Source CMS Award, Overall and in the PHP category! 

Drupal has won the Overall award two years in a row, and The Worx Company is excited to be working with it.  The attraction to Drupal from our perspective, is that it is not only a great content management system for  clients who need the basic functionality to manage their own sites, but it is an excellent development platform. 

We are working on three big projects in-house, one of them being an intranet system that manages hospital accounts and projects, as well as scheduling consultant appointments.  The other two are software packages that we are developing for on-line registration and project management.  It is awesome to be working in an environment where we can develop something that can accomplish tasks that are so complex.

What's more awesome is that if the work that we do is something the community needs, we get to contribute it.  I think that's the beauty of open source...  Contributing something good to share with others.   We have also had community members who are excited about our projects, wanting to help, just because. Drupal community seems to bring out the good side of people!

Congratulations to Drupal - rather, congratulations to us (the community)!  The Drupal community is what fuels it to be bigger and better, and we love to see it recognized.  :)