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Drupal Ecommerce Web Development Case Study: Cedar Hill Seasonings

cedar hill websiteIn 1986, Cedar Hill Seasonings was launched after Felicia Schaefer and her mother Helen left the catering business to pursue a business that specialized in herb and spice blends with No Salt, No Sugar, No MSG, No Preservatives, No Additives, No Gluten, No Irradiation, No Colorings and No Hidden Ingredients.

This seemed like a tall task for two ladies but Felicia had studied Horticulture at Oklahoma State University so they were committed to products that were healthy and nutritious.  Helen wanted to make it quick and convenient for customers to adopt this lifestyle.  Hence, Cedar Hill Seasoning was incorporated.

“Our customers are getting pure, top quality seasonings at a reasonable price and we have maintained the highest quality standards to this day, underutilized” says Felicia.

Brock Brooks, Plant Manager, agrees.  Brock is busy running the plant that supports Cedar Hill Seasonings and their private label business.  “We have received many potential customers this year by referral from the Robert M. Kerr
Food & Agricultural Products Center at Oklahoma State.”

“Our Private Label business is the only Oklahoma Company that does private labeling with small minimums”, says Felicia. 

When asked about the website, Felicia recalls, “the first website we had was from someone on the west coast and it was a nightmare.”  “They charged us and arm and a leg and it was not working because we generated no business from it at all.”  “We were referred to the Worx Company who built us a website many years ago but underutilized.”

“The Worx Company then approached us to rebuild our sites with a Content Management System that supported eCommerce and it seemed like the right thing to do.”  “The timing was right because we were getting squeezed on the wholesale side of our business.”  “With an eCommerce website, we realized that we could sell directly to our customers and grow the business with greater control over our destiny.”

“Cedar Hill Seasonings will re-launch our main site in October 2009 and we have great expectations for it.”  “Our old site was simply a marketing brochure that didn’t produce revenue we could track.”  “With the new site, we have a marketing program focusing on Search Engine Optimization and our revenue goals from the web will grow substantially because consumers can buy directly from us.”


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